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The Ragdoll: USA Made


The year is 1963. 


Josephine was a long-haired beauty of a cat, as white as the untouched snow and as wild as an unbridled horse. She reigned over the streets of California until an untimely run in with a car left her severely injured.


Lucky for Josephine, a woman by the name of Ann Baker took mercy on the street cat and brought her in, nursing her back to health. Ann loved Josephine’s flowing silvery fur and her tendency (due to her former injuries) to go limp when picked up, so Ann decided to pair her with one of her Burmese King cats. Josephine’s kittens carried her “floppy” tendencies and were much more docile than Ann’s other kittens. She continued to breed Josephine’s lines specifically for these traits. Thus, the Ragdoll was born.


Ragdolls’ distinguishable physical characteristics include their semi-long fur, larger stature, and blue eyes. They come in a variety of colors, including seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac, as well as a variety of patterns, such as colorpoint, bicolor, and mitted. Ragdolls are known for their “dog-like” personalities, due to their tendency to follow humans around and their general affinity for attention. 


Liberty Ragdolls is proud to have lineage in our breeding that traces back to the original Mother of Ragdolls, Josephine.

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